Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration will give you the edge:

Hello My friends Professor Cue Ball Clicks is finally back and blogging again. I have chosen this topic with great care as it reflects what has happened to me and what I'm going to do next. Perhaps it will help you my readers as well.

The Professor was involved with a certain program that will remain nameless but all who know me know the program. It was an Epic Fail due to a program owner who just didn't care about his members. It depressed the hell out of me and
I slowed down my other marketing efforts as I tried to re motivate myself.

Of course when it rains it pours and my personal life went south in a hurry
causing me to leave the net for a period of time in order to deal with things. I tried to come back several times but lacked the motivation needed to recover  only to leave the net again.

I finally got the personal crap out of the way and returned full time to marketing
on the net but still something was wrong. I was lacking inspiration.
So onward I went surfing and looking for what I needed to finally get moving again.

On August 31, 2011 while tending to my Surf team at Pirate Hits I found my missing  piece. The single thing I was lacking to fully come back and make the dreams  I have come true. We all know that the Professor has the drive, and the ambition, the Professor was lacking the inspiration to truly take the rains of control and run with it. I found Inspiration in a wonderful person who took the time to try to  put a smile on my face and ease my struggle.

So before going on with another word I'd just like to say it here in this public forum Ann Hanson (Evil Princess)   I Love You And Always Will. Thank You for coming into my life!

Now in the coming posts we will resume with a review of a couple of things I have
recently gotten involved in.  Always remember you never know where or when inspiration
will show it's lovely head.

Professor Cue Ball Clicks.